3D-Audio offers a fantastic chance for spatial sound reproduction.

3D-Audio includes fundamentally different reproduction principles: physical sound field reproduction (WFS, HOA), 3D-Stereo (Dolby Atmos, Auro3D), Binaural as well as mixtures and combinations between them. 

At the moment, these ressources are available

- Tonmeistertagung 2012: 3D Audio Natural Recording (Wittek/Theile)

- Tutorial Stereo, Surround and 3D-Audio, Tonmeistertagung 2014, AES 2015 (English), Powerpoint 

- ICSA 2015: Stereo recording in 3D: Concepts and Examples

- 2016/05: "ORTF-3D": A microphone setup for 3D Audio and VR ambience recording: 3D-Audio Microphone by Theile/Wittek

- 2016/03: Helmut Wittek: 3D Course at HdM, Stuttgart

Real Source