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  • APP

    APP "Image Assistant 3" Beta

    The brandnew app "SCHOEPS Image Assistant v3" is available as a browser version and in the Apple app store.

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  • Berlin Ambience techniques, 2012

    Berlin Ambience techniques, 2012

    Berlin Ambience techniques, July 2012 At the occasion of the VDT seminar "Ambience recording" in Berlin (July 2012) a collection

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  • 3D Audio

    3D Audio

    3D-Audio offers a fantastic chance for spatial sound reproduction. 3D-Audio includes fundamentally different reproduction principles: physical sound field reproduction (WFS,

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  • 3D-Audio Recording

    3D-Audio Recording

    Microphone techniques for 3D recording

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  • Tutorial Stereo, Surround & 3D

    Tutorial Stereo, Surround & 3D

    Tutorial on the basics of stereophonic imaging

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  • Ambience Recording

    Ambience Recording

    Techniques and theoretical principles for recording ambience

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Stereo & 3D

"ORTF-3D": A microphone setup for 3D Audio and VR ambience recording

Development and application of a stereophonic multichannel recording technique for 3D Audio and VR

by Helmut Wittek, 2016

Fig. 1 above: ORTF-3D arrangement, in a windscreen with the cover removed

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Recording engineers who work with 3D sound face a difficult task when choosing a suitable recording technique. The number of channels is greater than with playback systems that operate only in the horizontal plane, so the complexity increases as well.

When a customer demands 3D audio rather than conventional 5.1 surround it may be tempting to apply solutions that are overly simple. But when a 3D recording has been made well, using a suitable recording technique, the advantages are impressively audible.

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