The spatial and timbral effect of stereo setups with different DFC (Diffuse Field Correlation)

We recorded 5 different coincident stereo microphone setups simultaneously in a diffuse, noisy university hall (Hochschule der Medien, Interaktive Medien, with Prof. Curdt)

It is interesting to see what kind of changes occur to the sound and the spatial image.

Listen in the Sample Player first to one channel alone and compare the timbral changes. Then listen to the stereo image of both channels and see how timbre and spatial image change. The decisive measure for the changes occurring is the DFC (Diffuse Field Correlation) coefficient.
You can see the correlation coefficient in the diffuse field as depicted in the pictures below.

The 5 microphone setups are:

1. Mono

2. X/Y Cardioids, 90°

3. X/Y Supercardioids, 120°

4. M/S with Cardioid and Fig-8

5. Blumlein Fig-8, 90°